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VHF/UHF Tactical Radio Relay


These radio repeaters are designed for communications between two or more simplex VHF/UHF military radios. Their primary application is for UAV borne communications relays, but other uses include ground-based communications and rapid deployment tasks.

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  • AT2030A
AT2030A Features

The unit consists of two frequency translating signal channels with individually tuneable receive and transmit frequencies. A type 1 transponder has a single channel that receives at a 313-325MHz and transmits at 235-245MHz. In addition to a type 1 transponder, a type 2 transponder includes a second channel that receives at 235-245MHz and transmits at 313-325MHz. The units are RF-transparent and are not limited by communications protocol encryption within the nominated channel bandwidth.

An on board controller governs which channel is active when a signal in either receive band is present. The controller also dynamically updates the system noise floor throughout flight to aid in accurate signal detection and path switching.

The unit is software configurable either before a flight via a serial port or reconfigurable during flight via the serial port and the avionic radio link. Reconfigurable parameters include receive and transmit frequencies, gain, timer settings and signal detection threshold setting.

Power Supply +18 V 5%
Dimensions 150 mm deep x 94 mm wide x 87 mm long
Duty Cycle Continuous
Transmitting Power High Power: 5 W Low Power 1 W
Switching Time < 120 mS between transitions of states (typical = 30ms)
User programmable parameters TX power selection: Low Power or High Powers simultaneously for two transmitters.
Type 2 Transponder TX Frequency Range: 313.000 to 325.000 MHz RX Frequency Range: 235.000 to 245.000 MHz
Type 1 Transponder TX Frequency Range: 235.000 to 245.000 MHz RX Frequency Range: 313.000 to 325.000 MHz
Sensitivity -110 dBm
Selectivity Better than 60 dB at ± 35 kHz from carrier
RX input stage noise figure Better than 3 dB
RX Tuning Step 12.5 kHz
Spurious Attenuation Better than 67 dB
Operation Altitude 0 to 10 km
Automatic level control (ALC) range Better than 60 dB
Harmonics Attenuations Better than 67 dB
Frequency Stability Better than ± 1 ppm
Bandwidth Minimum 25 kHz (between - 3 dB)
Total Gain 147 dB maximum, when input is 110dBm, and reduces when input signal level increases to keep the TX power level constant
Weight < 1200 g total including heat sink.

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