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VHF Side Mounted Dipole 108-200MHz Custom Tuned


The SMD2 Series side mounted dipoles are broad band antennas which, through different phasing and mounting arrangements can offer a variety of patterns (generally cardioid) tailored to specific coverage requirements. These antennas can be mounted in dual arrays for 3dB gain, or four-stack arrays for 6dB gain over a single dipole.

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SMD2 Series

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  • SMD2 Series
The SMD2-99 is constructed of heavy gauge corrosion resistant anodised aluminium tubing with a high pressure cast aluminium hub assembly and stainless steel fittings. This combination provides an exceptionally strong antenna, suited for extreme weather conditions.

The SMD22 is a ruggedised antenna featuring extremely heavy walled tubing, all welded aluminium construction and a black epoxy coating to aid in solar heat retention. The SMD24 is a stainless steel version and is ideal in corrosive marine environments. All of the antennas are electrically identical.

SMD antenna construction allows for the entire antenna to rest at ground potential, making it highly recommended in lightning prone applications.

• Can be phased to provide 3 dBd or 6 dBd gain, in a variety of patterns tailored to suit specific requirements. An extensive range of phasing harnesses available.
• Full bandwidth coverage for both single antennas and phased arrays - ideal in community sites
• High strength - SMD2 features anodised aluminium construction and high pressure cast aluminium centrepiece
• Rugged and stainless steel versions also available
• Normally available ex-stock for immediate delivery
• Available in all stainless steel version designed for air band coverage (118-137MHz) with a VSWR at <1.3:1 across this entire band
• SMD20-36 and SMD20-41-DIN are a industry leading PIM rated (-150dBc) antennas, providing low IM noise characteristics for optimum performance.
Nominal Gain dBd 0 but can be incresed with mounting arrangements
Frequency MHz 108 to 200MHz Custom Tuned
Tunable Bandwidth 10%
VSWR <1.5:1
Polarisation Vertical
Vertical Beamwidth Typically 74° at ¼ l antenna - mast spacing
Horizontal Beamwidth Typically 230° at ¼ l antenna - mast spacing
Power W 250
Construction Thick walled aluminium with cast aluminium hub
Length mm 1300
Weight (kg) 2.0
Termination N female with RG213 cable tail
Mounting Area 300mm x 40mm diam. aluminium

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