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PMR Rebroadcast Solutions

RFI designs and supplies mission critical and reliable broad band and channelised two way radio analogue and digital repeaters for both the traditional PMR and Cellular bands.

For use in indoor and outdoor coverage enhancement or extension applications, RFI provides coverage solutions with either custom built repeaters for unusual uplink and downlink frequency pairs and where at times the repeated signal distribution challenges are unique, to applications that require one of our standard repeater products.

Repeater types;

  • Band selective
  • Channel selective
  • On frequency or frequency translating.

Software configurable repeater,

RFI has designed, developed and patented a state of the art flagship DSP based repeater DSPbR®, providing a unique platform of modular frequency band and channel expandability with ease of upgrade capability that is modulation transparent. 

Modules currently available in the following bands 150-174MHz, 400-420MHz, 410-430MHz, 450-470MHz, 470-490MHz, 500-520MHz, 746-766MHz, 786-806MHz, 805-825MHz, 850-870MHz.

  • Modular Band or Channel expandability “hot swappable”
  • Software configurable via GUI locally or remotely
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Optional cell modem connectivity
  • Fibre connectivity
  • Programmable from 0dBm output up to +46dBm 35W per channel (PA capability and regulatory compliance dependable)
  • AC and DC power options

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