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FM Rebroadcast Head End 87.5-108MHz


The FMC88108-6 is a 19” rack mountable 1RU shelf, 6 Channel VHF FM Stereo rebroadcast repeater with audio break-in functionality on all channels. Internal splitting and combining of all the channels means termination is only required via a single BNC RF input and RF output connector keeping the installation simple. Mechanical user-programming capability is provided for changing input and output frequencies for each channel. The audio input for all six channels is via a rear mounted single isolated BNC balanced audio input connector with an associated audio loop connector option, facilitating daisy chain audio break-in connectivity to more than one shelf. Front mounted LED’s provide visual operational confirmation of each of the six respective channels.

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FMC88108-6 Features:

• 6Ch VHF FM Stereo on-frequency or frequency translating rebroadcast unit
• Single BNC RF Input and single BNC RF Output for all six channels
• Additional FMC88108-6 units can be added for additional rebroadcast frequencies.
• Audio break-in on all six channels from a single audio source
• RF Output is typically feed into a linear VHF RF Power Amplifier prior to signal distribution.
• Compact 1RU 19” rack mountable shelf with a depth of 470mm.
• Summary Alarm and telemetry control via rear mounted D9 connector
• A full range of filtering, combining and splitting is available for larger systems
• Optional RF-over-Fiber (RFoF) signal distribution system
Frequency Range (translating and non-translating) 87.5 to 108MHz
Number of channels/programs 6
FM Modulation type F3E and F8E
RF System impedance 50Ohm
Rx selectivity - nominal ≤ -85dB ±300KHz
Rx input level range per channel -61dBm (200μV) to -21dBm (20mV)
Rx low signal alarm level -67dBm (100μV)
Tx output level range per carrier (individually adjustable). -15dBm to -4dBm
Tx frequency stability ± 5ppm
Tx low level alarm -15dBm
FM Modulation Bandwidth - nominal ± 100kHz
Tx and Rx synthesizer increments 50kHz
RF Spurious and Harmonics ≤ -60dBc
Combined Tx intermodulation products ≤ -60dBc
S/N ratio (stereo) with 50μS de-emphasis (filtered 20Hz - 20KHz) ≤ -60dB
Stereo separation (L into R) ≤ -45dB (40Hz - 15kHz)
Stereo harmonic distortion ≤ 0.5% (40Hz - 15kHz)
Audio break in-level (adjustable) 3V rms max (balanced)
Audio break frequency range (with pre-emphasis) 30Hz to 8kHz
Audio deviation per channel - nominal ±68kHz (±0.5dB)
Rx input termination connector BNC (F)
Tx output termination connector BNC (F)
Audio input and audio loop termination connectors BNC (F) Isolated
Summary Alarm and Telemetry control via D9 rear mounted termination connector
AC mains operational voltage 90-246VAC
AC Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
AC mains power consumption (all 6 channels operational) 25VA
Operation altitude - max 2000m
Relative humidity ≤ 90% non-condensing
Mounting 1RU 19” rack mounting
Dimensions (excl connectors) 483x470x44.5mm / 19x18.5x1.75”
Weight < 3.5kgs / 7.7lbs
Operational temperature range -10° C to +45° C / 14° F to 113° F

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