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DSPbR® VHF/UHF/700/800MHz Repeater


The DSPbR is a compact, 19" rack mountable, RF-transparent digital channelised repeater that is configurable to deliver large outdoor coverage footprints, or to act as a headend for large or small in-building or in-tunnel Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). The DSPR's innovative plug'n'play modular design, compact size, and a feature-rich configurability make the DSPR series ideally suited for a wide range of outdoor, in-building, in-tunnel and other specialised rebroadcast and coverage enhancement applications.

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DSPbR (tm)

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DSPbR Features:

This unit is a compact 19" rack mountable, RF-transparent, digital channelised repeater. Non-frequency translating or frequency-translating operation can be provided - either within one frequency band - or cross-band. The DSPbR is fully programmable, on a per-channel basis, and can provide the rebroadcast of one or multiple channels that can be connected off-air, locally coupled or fibre-fed, in one or more frequency bands. Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, drop-and-insert, RFOF Summing and Simulcast configurations are all available using the DSPbR product platform.

The DSPR's plug'n'play modular design is capable of providing high per-channel RF output powers to deliver large outdoor coverage footprints or to drive large in-building or in-tunnel Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Low per-channel RF output power configurations can also be deployed to provide small black-spot coverage infill or to drive small-scale DAS designs. Many operational parameters are configurable through the user-friendly integral webserver GUI - including per-channel frequency, gain, channel bandwidth, RF output power, input signal level gating, alarm thresholds and reporting. Connectivity to the DSPbR is available via TCPIP, USB, RS232 or integral cellular modem. External inputs can also be monitored, such as equipment cabinet door switches, that can be included in the DSPbR's alarm monitoring and reporting. Alarms can be provided via SNMP Traps, Email (SMTP), SMS, or dry relay contacts.

Innovative design, compact size and a feature-rich configurability make the DSPR series suited for a wide range of outdoor, in-building, in-tunnel and other specialised rebroadcast and coverage enhancement applications.

• Analogue and Digital compatible - supports most network technologies
• Secure RF-transparent operation - supports encryption, over-the-air-rekeying, etc
• Up to 8 high-power or up to 12 low-power RF off-air bi-directional channels
• Up to 16 high-power or up to 24 low-power fibre-fed bi-directional channels
• On-frequency or frequency-translating operation, in-band or cross-band
• Programmable parameters per-channel, and independently in uplink and downlink
• Onboard GPS and multi9-band cellular modem
• TCPIP, USB, RS232 or Cellular Modem connectivity
• Configurable for RFOF Summing, RF Simulcast, and Fibre connectivity
• Compact Size - 19" 4RU Rack Mounting with DC or AC power supply options
• Hot swappable, modular plug'n'play architecture for easy upgrading and maintenance

Available Frequency Bands (MHz) 132-152, 150-174, 403-420, 410-430, 430-450, 450-470, 470-490, 480-500, 500-520, 746-766, 786-806, 805-825, 850-870
RF O/P Power Analogue, APCOP25 P1, DMR, MotoTrbo, EDACs, etc VHF/UHF Bands +10 to +45dBm, 7/800MHz +10 to +43dBm. APCOP25 P2, TETRA VHF/UHF Bands +10 to +36dBm, 7/800MHz +10 to +34dBm
Modes of operation Full Duplex, on Frequency and or Frequency/Band Translating
Max. No. of Channels Up to 8Ch for 1 or 2 Bands, or 7Ch for 3 Bands (High RF O/P per Ch) Up to 12Ch for 1, 2 or 3 Bands (Low RF O/P per Ch) in a single chassis. Expandable up to 8 chassis (96Ch) in a multiple chassis configuration.
RF Channel Spacing 1.25KHz channel step, 12.5 and 25KHz channel bandwidth (other filter profiles available on request)
Gain Range 70-135dB
Receiver Sensitivity -116 dBm (minimum), better than -119 dBm (typical)
Noise Figure 6 dB max. (no ALC)
Frequency Translating Error < 100Hz
Power Supply 24VDC, 48VDC or 85-265VAC 50/60Hz
Cooling Active - Fan assisted.
Chassis Earthing M6 Earth stud on chassis rear
Environment Suitable for Indoor use only
Weight (inc. frame) 38kgs / 83.6lbs (typical fully populated chassis configuration)
Dimensions W 483 x D 460 x H 178mm / W 19 x D 18.1 x H 7"
User Interface GUI (Web browser enabled Graphical User Interface)
Automatic level control (ALC) range As required to maintain configured output power from available input level (up to 135dB max)
Tx Spurious Emissions < -30dBm (ACMA compliant) < -13dBm (FCC compliant)
Operational temperature range -30° C to +60° C / -22° F to 140° F


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