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AM Rebroadcast Head End 531-1719KHz


The AMC series of rebroadcast equipment consists of a multi-channel head end and RF power amplifiers that can provide AM rebroadcast through catenary wire, radiating cable or antenna RF distribution systems.

The AMC516A is a multi-channel head end unit. It features multiple off-air antenna capability for diversity reception, two pairs of RF outputs for connection to external RF power Amplifiers (PA516 models) for multi-bore or multi-zone tunnel applications, break-in audio message interface, and status monitoring and alarm outputs.

The AMC516A may be expanded up to 16 channels in a compact 2RU 19inch rack mount enclosure. Multiple AMC516A units may be implemented in a rebroadcast system design to cater for multiple off-air signal reception locations, redundancy, or for capacities greater than 16 channels.

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The AMC516 series can be used to receive AM Broadcast signals off-air, and re-generate and amplify them to fixed RF output levels.

Two pairs of RF outputs are provided for multi-bore and multizone applications (such as two separate "bores" in a road tunnel). An "audio break-in" feature enables live or pre-recorded messages to interrupt the rebroadcast transmissions, allowing for public address or incident management messages to be broadcast. The audio break-in can be activated independently, allowing local audio to be actioned onto either, or both, of the RF output pairs.

A dual input antenna capability allows for two off-air antenna configurations. If utilised, this feature provides the capability to select optimum input signal strengths determined by AM broadcast source direction, topography, off-air antenna mounting location, etc.

Both the RF Output and Audio Input level gains can be configured on a per-channel basis to cater for specific level setting within a system application. Local RS232 port is provided for firmware upgrading, configuration, alarms and status monitoring.

• Frequency range 531-1719 kHz
• Front panel LED display
• Dual antenna inputs for improved reception
• Independent audio break-in
• Local RS232 configuration
• Alarm output
• Industry-leading compact size
Frequency Range 531-1719 kHz (inclusive)
No. of Channels Up to 16 per Head End
Antenna Inputs 2 (Each AM channel assignable to either Antenna Input)
RF Outputs Up to 4 (Tube 1 Hi, Tube 1 Lo, Tube 2 Hi & Tube 2 Lo)
RF Output Level -20 to 0 dBm (adjustable in 1 dB steps)
RF Gain 50 dB (typ)
Audio Break-In Inputs 2 (Tube 1 Hi/Tube 1 Lo and Tube 2 Hi/Tube 2 Lo)
Audio Break-In Control +12VDC 12Kohm source. Active when Low, switching threshold at +7.5 VDC nom.
Audio Input 600 ohm balanced, input impedance >50Kohm
Indicators 3 front panel LEDs (Power, Mute, Alarm)
RF Channel Spacing 9 kHz
RF Connectors N-type (female) on all ports
Alarms Single Alarm Output - N.O. or N.C dry relay contacts Alarm States: Channel Modules OK - Power Supply OK - Temperature OK - Rx Input Level OK
Alarm Connector DB9 (male)
Break-In Control (BIF) Connector DB9 (male)
RS232 Port DB9 (female)
Power Supply 240 VAC ±10% IEC Socket EMC filtered
Case Size 2RU 19" rack mounting
Cooling Forced Air
Audio Connectors Mini XLR (female)

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