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UHF TV Filter - Various Models

Various Models

These UHF Television filters are high performance models providing a full bandpass response. They are manufactured from a high quality alloy block using precision milling techniques and offer integral coupling to a common output port. External cable harnessing is eliminated, ensuring rugged and reliable operation.

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  • DP5960-0805-32
Silver plated finish on the housing and all connectors ensure excellent PIM performance and high reliability. These units are available in either 19inch rack, stand-alone or other mounting configurations.

Applications include CCTV, UHF Translator, RF-Over-Fibre and Distribution Systems. Alternate operating frequencies, passband widths and connector styles are also available upon request.

Features include;
• Up to 100W RMS input power
• Excellent Return Loss/VSWR
• Low Passband Ripple
• Low Insertion Loss
• Various mounting styles
• Combiner Only - no filter mask.
Tx-Tx Isolation dB >100dB
Return Loss / VSWR >18db (1.28:1)
Input Power W 100watts RMS
Insertion Loss (dB) 1dB (typical)
Passband Ripple dB <0.5dB
No. of Channels 2 (others available upon request)
Construction Silver-plated, Milled Block
Mounting Style 2RU 19inch Rack Mount (varies with model)
Pass Bandwidth 4 or 7MHz (typical, others on request)
Operating Frequency MHz 526-820MHz (minimum 3-channel spacing recommended)
Size 483W x 89D x 223H mm (varies with model)
Connector Silver-plated "N" Female (others on request)
Weight kg lbs <6kg / 13.2lbs typ. (varies with model)

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