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Expandable Series Combiner Multicouplers - Tx Only 800-1000MHz - 7.1Kg (15.5lbs)


These series combiner expandable transmitter multicouplers are ideally suited to PMR and trunking applications on congested communications sites. These channels utilise a single cavity and dual isolator and are for use on sites configured with separate transmit and receive antennas.

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TP8010-2612-11 Features:

• Superior low-loss combining for PMR, Trunking, Paging and Wireless Data systems
• High power version available
• Flexibility of design
• Predictable performance
• Long-term dependability
• RFI Systems records support
• Rugged, high quality design
• Peg Rack and other mounting styles available

The broad frequency expansion capability of series combiner technology ideally suits the often challenging requirements of multicoupling in analogue and digital military applications. The compatibility of series combiners with both analogue and digital protocols and the ability to cater to narrow and wide channel bandwidths within the one multicoupler provide the system designer with a unique solutions capability.

T-Pass® Tx Noise Suppression vs. Cavity Loss:
The curves shown below for Tx noise suppression represent the selectivity of typical quarterwave, 168mm (6.625 inch) T-Pass® cavity filters. Because T-Pass® cavities exhibit high loaded Q factors, excellent noise suppression and channel-to-channel isolation are achieved with 168mm (6.625 inch) cavities at a minimum separation of 250KHz. Additional cavities can be cascaded onto any channel in a T-Pass® system to customise an individual channel’s response if required.

Note: The use of cavity multicouplers for combining multiple channels with minimum frequency spacings may result in undesirable levels of isolator load heat dissipation due to interchannel coupling. Applications involving such requirements should be discussed with RFI prior to ordering to ensure the optimum solution is provided.
Frequency MHz 800 to 1000 MHz
Frequency Range 800-1000 MHz
Cavity Type and Diameter Quarterwave, 6.625” (168mm)
Max. Continuous Transmit Power 100W (higher ratings available)
Nominal Input Impedance 50 Ohms
Max. Input return loss (VSWR) -20 dB (1.22:1)
Connectors, Input and Antenna N female
Mechanical Mounting Refer Mounting Hardware section
Dimensions (Typical per-channel) Refer Cavity Mechanics section
Weight (typical per channel) 7.1Kg (15.5lbs)
Typ. Isolation @ Min. Separation 80 dB @ 250KHz
Min. Channel Separation @ Cavity Loss 450 KHz @ -2.25 dB 250 KHz @ -2.8 dB
Isolator Type Dual Isolator
Shipping Standard packaging - One channel per carton May be shipped pre-assembled in Peg Rack or 483mm (19”) rack kit (ordered separately)
Temp. Range -30° to +60° C (-22° to + 140° F)

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