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Expandable Series Combiner Multicouplers - Thru-line Cable

HW0000-1000-11 Thru-line Cable

RG214 N male - N male cable

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HW0000-1000-11 Series Combiner Thru-line Cable Features:

Thru-line Cables:
Series Combiner thru-line cables are manufactured to frequency dependent lengths to optimise the performance of channels within a Series Combiner multicoupler. Series Combiner multicoupler cables are manufactured using high-quality double shielded and silver-plated cable and non ferro-magnetic plated connectors to provide superior intermodulation performance at high system power levels. When ordering, the frequency of the multicoupler channels either side of the requested cable or the RFI Site Reference number and channel number must be specified.
Type Cavity Filter Accessories

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