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5W Load DC-2500MHz N-Male


RF Loads and Terminations are used to terminate coaxial cables, multicoupling devices and with test equipment.

RF Terminating Loads are primarily used in multi-coupling, distributed antenna, radiating cable systems and laboratory test environments. RFI has a wide range of coaxial 50 Ohm resistive termination loads in various connector types, power ratings and frequency range DC - 2500 MHz. The heat-sinks have a high thermal density and their surface area is cooled using natural convection.

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SP0000-6005-12 Features:

Our range of RF Loads, Terminations and Attenuators are ideally suited for multicoupling, distributed antenna and radiating cable systems, testing and other laboratory purposes.


• Termination of unused ports on multicoupling devices
• General purpose termination or attenuation of multicoupling devices, cables and other systems components
• Suited to test equipment applications

RFI supplies a range of natural convection, air cooled dry RF Loads, Terminations and Attenuators.

RF Terminations are designed as general purpose, low power terminations to be used to correctly terminate unused ports on devices such as receiver multicouplers, etc.

RF Loads are especially designed as heavy duty, precision 50ohm terminations for coaxial cables and multicoupling devices, with models available to suit requirements at various input power ratings and frequencies from DC - 2500MHz.

Many of our RF Loads have power density factors (the ratio of rated power to heatsink surface area) in the range 0.54 to 0.28watts/in², in some cases three to six times lower than competitive loads of similar power ratings. They use microwave grade, thin film, pyrolytic carbon resistors that exhibit excellent power handling capability and temperature cycling characteristics, as well as low noise and low temperature coefficients.

RF Attenuators are designed as general purpose attenuators to reduce signals to required levels. They are typically used in applications such as on the input of preamplifiers, test equipment, or as part of systems designs (such as bi-directional amplifiers) to prevent overload, control gain or to otherwise maintain signals levels within desired limits.

Our RF Loads and Attenuators have excellent return loss over their entire operating range. They are therefore ideal for use in laboratory and field-testing applications for connection to wattmeters and other test equipment.

Frequency MHz DC to 2500MHz
Power Rating (Watts) 5W at 50 °C derate linearly to 10% at 125 °C
Return Loss / VSWR >26dB / 1.1 :1 @ 1-1000MHz & >17dB / 1.3:1 @ 1-2500MHz
Connector N male (others on request)
Dimensions mm/inches 37L x 26 ᶲ (1.45L x 1 ᶲ)
Temp. Range -30 to +125 °C (-22 to +257 °F)
Weight (gr / oz) 60 (2.1) Approx.
Finish Black Anodised Aluminium
Impedance 50 Ohms

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