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Isolators/Circulators - Dual Isolators 220-250MHz


Circulators allow the directional control of signal paths between respective ports of the device. In particular configurations with one port terminated into a dummy load, a Circulator is also known as an Isolator.

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SP2225-3205-11 Features:

Two or more units may be cascaded in a design to enhance performance characteristics. Models are available for applications across the frequency range 50-2500MHz.

• Suits analogue and digital technologies
• Isolating and protecting transmitter outputs from high VSWR
• Separating transmit and receive signal paths in simplex multicoupling applications
• Controlling the direction of signal flow in some combining applications

A Circulator is typically a three port device that allows signals to flow between two adjacent ports, but in only one direction. This feature can be particularly useful in isolating signals from each other in particular applications. When one port is terminated into a dummy load, a Circulator can be used to isolate a transmitter from reverse power created by a mismatched termination. In this application a Circulator is known as an Isolator, and prevents returned signals caused by the high VSWR from being returned to the transmitter power amplifier, where it can mix with other signals causing intermodulation products and possible interference.
Models are available in different frequency bands and with different power ratings to suit a variety of applications.

Frequency bands coupled 220-250 MHz
Power Rating (Watts) 150
Return Loss / VSWR <1.22:1
Typ. Loss dB 0.60
Typ. Isolation 70 dB
Load Rating 250 W Integral
Circulator Type Dual Circulator
Connector N female (Input / Output) SMA Female (Sampling Ports)
Dimensions mm/inches H=43 W=176 L=110mm / H=1.5 W=6.93 L=4.33inches
Temp. Range -40 to +70° C / -40 to +160° F
Weight kg lbs 1.65 / 3.63
Impedance 50 Ohms

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