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40dB Crossband Couplers 400-540MHz/800-960MHz Indoor Mount - 250 / Rx Only watts


Crossband couplers allow the combining of multiple frequency bands onto shared coaxial and radiating cables and multi-band antennas. Models are available for specialised transmit and receive applications across the frequency range 0.5 - 2500MHz and beyond. Cascading units can allow any number of different frequency bands to be combined together.

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Indoor Unit

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  • Indoor Unit
SP0000-1103-31 Features:

In addition, units are available for indoor, outdoor and tower mounting requirements thereby providing for the rationalisation of feeder cable usage - reducing cabling costs and tower loadings.

• Suits analogue and digital technologies
• Combine multiple frequency bands for Distributed Antenna and Radiating Cable systems
• Reduce cabling and tower loading
• Add new frequency bands to existing installations
• Indoor, outdoor and tower-mount versions available

A crossband coupler is typically a three port device - usually known as low-pass, high-pass and combined respectively. Models are available in a variety of mounting styles and DC-Pass or DC-Blocking configurations for use with bi-directional amplifiers and tower mount preamplifiers. Tower mount (outdoor) models shown consist of the indoor unit less rack mount bracket, in a weatherproof fibreglass housing that is sealed with silicon adhesive. Indoor units may also be packaged in suitable custom weatherproof housings to create alternate tower mount versions.

1. Passes DC power between all three terminals for operating separate tower mount receive systems. Warning: Do not connect a DC grounded antenna directly to this model if DC power is being passed.
2. DC power will only pass between the combined port and the 800-960MHz port for operating a 800MHz tower mount receive system.
3. DC power passes between the combined port and the 400-540MHz port, but is blocked from the 25-175MHz port to the combined port.
4. DC power passes between the combined port and the 400-540MHz port, but is blocked from the 800-960MHz port to the combined port.
5. The 0.5-1.6MHz port is coupled onto outside conductor of combined port and 60-1000MHz port is coupled onto centre conductor of combined port. This model is used for combining AM radio rebroadcast with FM/VHF/UHF/etc onto a single cable.
Frequency bands coupled 400 - 540 MHz / 800 - 960MHz
Frequency MHz 400 to 540MHz/800 to 960MHz
Power Rating (Watts) 250 / Rx Only
Typ. Loss dB 0.20 / 0.20
VSWR 1.25:1
Isolation dB >40dB
Notes 2.
Connector N female (others on request)
Dimensions HxWxL= 50 x 482 x 75 mm / 2 x 19 x 3 in.
Temp. Range -40 to +70° C / -40 to +160° F
Weight kg lbs 1.8 kgs / 4.0 lbs
Impedance 50 Ohms

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