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Installation Accessories - Series Combiner Pegged Rack - Suits up to 23 - 168mm/6.625in VHF 144-174MHz ¼ wave cavities


Suits up to 23 - 168mm/6.625in VHF 144-174MHz ¼ wave cavities

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T-Pass® Peg Rack

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  • T-Pass® Peg Rack
HW1417-6002-11 Features:

The open, volumetrically efficient, arrangement of the Peg Rack assembly securely holds up to 23 Series Combiner channel assemblies, allowing unrestricted access to all system parts, tuning adjustments and test points.

Series Combiner channel assemblies are attached with stainless steel clamps to four support "pegs" and become an integral part of the Pegged Rack structure. Excellent mechanical strength is achieved with a minimum of support members. A typical Pegged Rack is around 75% lighter than a 19inch cabinet of equivalent capacity. This results in a large reduction in shipping costs.

More than one multicoupler system can be installed in one Pegged Rack. For this reason we offer various options and accessories to suit most likely mounting configurations. In addition adapter plates are available to provide the correct spacing to facilitate the mounting of standard 483mm/19inch rack mountable items (such as receiver preselectors, etc) into these pegged racks.

Pegged Racks provide a simple and secure mounting for our expandable cavity multicoupler systems. They are constructed of alodined aluminium - except for the steel gussets, cavity support pegs, and bolts, washers and nuts. Shipment is usually made in kit form to reduce freight costs and final assembly completed on site.

Standard configurations are presented but custom configurations and mounting styles can also be provided to suit non-standard installation conditions. All kits are supplied with comprehensive assembly instructions.

Series Combiner Pegged Racks are also suitable to use to mount our other 168mm (6.625”) and 254mm (10”) cavity-based combiners and systems.
Dimensions mm/inches L=827/32.5 W=610/24 H=2200/86.5

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