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Filter 150-175MHz


These single or cascadable high “Q” notch filters are very useful where either a local high level transmitter carrier or interfering signal requires attenuation (notching) between the antenna and receiver or where a transmitter needs isolation from a co-habited in-band transmitter which may be causing IM Products in the transmitter PA. Typical applications are where more than one mobile transceiver is operated on a vehicle and the in-band transmitter carriers have insufficient coupling isolation between antennas. Caution is however needed to ensure that the notched frequency is the >5MHz away from the wanted Tx and or Rx frequencies where a single cavity is used for notching. This frequency distance between the wanted and unwanted signal is marginally less where more than one notch filter is cascaded. The notch filter can be inserted anywhere along the feeder cable between the antenna and transceiver.

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PF1517-5900-111T Features:

• Cascadable High “Q” notch filter
• Low insertion loss @ >5MHz from notch
• Sharp symmetrical notch response
• 100W Power rating
• Flat surface mounting brackets
• Matched coax cable from cavity to TNC “T” adaptor included
Input Power (CW) - max 100W
Frequency MHz 150 to 175MHz
Attenuation (dB) >20dB
Return Loss / VSWR ≥14dB / ≤1.5:1
Tunable frequency sub bands - MHz 150-160MHz / 161-165MHz / 166-170MHz / 171-174MHz
Notch Bandwidth to -3dB 3MHz
Insertion Loss @ 5MHz or greater ≤0.5dB
Dimensions mm/inches H 70 (2.76”) x W 66 (2.6”) x L 146 (5.75”)
Temperature -20o to +70o C / -4o to +158o F
Weight kg lbs 0.68kg / 1.5lbs
Finish Aluminum
Impedance 50Ω

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