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BandPass/Reject Duplexer, 220-250MHz


These duplexers are ideal for use with analogue and digital technologies for repeater base station, telemetry, link and other applications. The high-selectivity resonators coupled together in a band-pass / band-reject configuration provide a pseudo-bandpass response that can cater for the narrow frequency separations typically used in this frequency band, and that assists in providing protection from co-sited equipment. These duplexers feature excellent continuous operating ratings in a convenient small size.

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DP2225-3181-13 Features:

Applications for these products include two-way radio repeaters, telemetry, link and other applications.

• Analogue and digital compatible
• Compact and robust package
• Other frequency ranges available
• Alternate connector and mounting styles available

* Note: Input Power is rated for single carrier operation. Multiple carriers develop higher peak values.
Type Band Pass/Reject
Band 220 - 250 MHz
Tx to Rx Separation - typical 3 MHz
Port to Port Isolation - typical ≥ 75 dB
Input Power (CW) - max 50W
Termination Connectors N Female
Return Loss / VSWR > 20dB / 1.22:1
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤ 2.1dB (typ) ≤ 2.3dB (max)
Mounting Option Flat Surface Mounting
Finish Painted Black
Temperature Range ° C / ° F -30º to + 60º C / -22º to + 140º F
Impedance 50 Ohms
Weight - approx 1.9Kg / 4.2lbs

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