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Band Pass Duplexer, 108-136MHz


This duplexer is ideal for VHF repeater base station applications. This model comprises four (4) cavity filters with both coarse and fine tuning controls coupled together in a bandpass configuration using Series Combiner loops offering the added flexibility of future channel expansion - in addition to rejecting unwanted frequencies outside its pass band.

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  • DP1013-7641-41
DP1013-7641-41 Features:

The Series Combiner design also provides a high RF input power capability. This duplexer is made from cavities constructed from extruded hardened aluminium that is not easily deformed. Excellent tuning stability is therefore maintained across the guaranteed extended temperature range. The passivated chromatic conversion coating (Alodine) provides excellent corrosion protection.

• Expandable Series Combiner
• High input power rating
• Excellent out-of-band rejection
• Various mounting styles available
Frequency MHz 108 to 136 MHz
Power Rating (Watts) 400
Insertion Loss (dB) 1.35dB
Min. frequency separation 4.0MHz
Isolation 57dB
Construction Alodined aluminium with silver plated tuning elements
Connector N female
Dimensions mm/inches H=1220 W=482 D=7.5 / H=48 W=19 D=190
Temperature -40 to +80ºC / -40 to +176ºF
Weight kg lbs 27 / 59.4
Impedance 50 Ohms

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