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Short-Haul 40-960 MHz 16 Port Control Station Combiner


These multi-channel combiners provide frequency-agile operation across their entire frequency range. Short-Haul Control Station Combiners may be used to reduce the number of antennas required on a communications site whilst also ensuring that predictable radio-to-radio isolation is maintained at all times - irrespective of individual radio's Tx or Rx operating mode or antenna isolation characteristics.

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CS0496-xx05-31 Series

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  • CS0496-xx05-31 Series
CS0496-1605-31 Features:

Short-Haul Control Station Combiners (CS0496-1605-31) provide fixed isolation between radio units using power attenuators and signal combining techniques. The result is higher per channel insertion losses than standard Control Station Combiners. In applications where the radios units are to be operated in close proximity to the network's base site, this additional insertion loss ensures the base site equipment's receivers are not overloaded, and the Control Station radio's receivers are similarly not overloaded by the base site's transmitters. The combining capabilities of these models can significantly reduce tower clutter and loading, simplify cabling installation and reduce deployment costs at Control Center facilities.

Models are broadband and cover the entire 40 - 960MHz bandwidth, in standard configurations of 4, 8 and 16 channels. Configurations for use with up to 128 channels (and beyond) are also available.

• Low profile for space efficient Installation
• Frequency agile with predictable Isolation
• Broadband capability for multi-band operation
• Analogue and digital compatible
Frequency MHz 40 to 960 MHz
T/R Port-Port Isolation dB 60dB typ.
Operating Temp. Range -30 to +60°C / -22 to +140°F
Insertion Loss dB @ UHF 30.5dB +/-1dB
RF Power W Per Channel: Up to 50
Return Loss dB >15 typ. (all ports)
Min. frequency separation No limitations
Insertion Loss dB @ 900 MHz 32.5dB +/-1dB
Ant-T/R Port-Port Isolation dB Equivalent to values Insertion Loss
Duty Cycle 20% @ 50w continuous on all ports simultaneously, 40% @ 25w continuous on all ports simultaneously, 100% @ 10w continuous on all ports simultaneously
Channel Capacity 16
Connector N female (all ports)
Earthing M6 stud
Dimensions mm/inches H=89 W=483 D=203 / H=5 W=19 D=8
Weight kg lbs 12/26.4
Finish Black

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