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Multicoupling & Monitoring

Multicoupling & Monitoring

The correct choice and implementation of Multicoupling in congested RF environments and across the diversity of wireless technologies, frequency bands and catering for customer-specific requirements can be a complex and demanding engineering challenge. The performance and reliability of multicoupling can determine the quality and optimal of a communications system – at any time throughout the service life of the system. With businesses, communities and lives often depending on these networks, getting it right is a serious business.

To meet this challenge, RFI uses state of the art design, manufacturing and engineering techniques, maintains specialised and calibrated test equipment and a highly trained production and engineering team with the experience to deliver quality products and solutions to your business.  These solutions can vary dependant on application requirements from the simplest of filters and duplexers, larger multi-channel transmitter combiners and receiver multicouplers, right up to the most complex multi-band solutions and antenna system monitoring equipment.

Products in our Multicoupling & Monitoring portfolio include;

  • Filters and Duplexers / Cavity and Hybrid Transmitter Combiners / Control Station Combiners / Post Filters / Preselectors / Receiver Multicouplers
  • Tower Top Amplifiers / Crossband Couplers / Hybrid and Directional Couplers / Isolators and Circulators / Low Pass and Harmonic Filters
  • Power Dividers, Splitters and Combiners / RF Loads and Terminations / Attenuators / RF-Over-Fibre / Mounting and Installation Hardware
  • Monitoring – non intrusive 24x7 true channelised measurement and alarming of network RF equipment and their performance.

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