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X10DR Special Function Box – Talk Around Option


X10DR special function box for talk around option. Required 2 x XIB-CK.

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XFB-TA Features:

The XFB-TA allows users in a vehicle with two X10DRs connected to the mobile radio to have local (talk around) operation where by those users can talk locally “off net” by using the orange side button as a secondary PTT. To talk over the radio channel, the normal PTT button is used. All host radio receive traffic will be heard regardless of local talk around PTT status. To trigger the host mobile radio’s emergency function, the user must first press the PTT and then the orange button for >1 second. The XFB connects to the host radio via a XMC series interface cable. Each X10DR connects to the XFB-TA via a XIB-CK cable.
Dimensions (Speaker Mic / Charger) 88x28x63mm / 80x80x60mm
Standard Weight (Speaker Mic / Charger) 149 grams / 125 grams
Frequency Range (GHz) 2.4-2.48GHz FH Spread Spectrum
Operating Voltage 3.7V DC
Battery Type 1200mA Lithium Ion
Battery Life 10+ Hours
Charge Time Continuous 5 Hours from 0%
Encryption 128 Bit
Range 60 - 300+ Metres
Shock/Vibration MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F
Environmental Rating IEC529, IP55 (microphone only)
External Audio Connection 3.5mm & Hirose
Operational temperature range -10°C to +45°C (extreme -20°C to +60°C)

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