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VHF Ground Independent Mopole 118 - 136 MHz - MBC Base


The CD21-35-50 with MBC base is an end fed dipole which can be tuned with low VSWR over the Aeronautical mobile VHF band.

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The antenna base / matching circuit have been enclosed in high impact fibre-glass housing. The CD21-35-50 uses a tapered 17-7PH stainless steel whip element. Electrically these antennas present a D.C open circuit between the ground and the centre conductor of the attached cable and a D.C short circuit between the antenna element and ground.

The supplied cutting chart ensures the whip is always longer than required, allowing the antenna to be fine-tuned using a VSWR meter. The cut length is for the whip section end –to- end before install. Once cut to length, the whip can then be inserted fully and secured with the M5 grub screw.

Note: Although the antennas when tuned track closely with the cutting chart provided, the chart should be used as a guide only and it is strongly recommended that the antenna be finally tuned using a VSWR reflection test bridge
(VSWR meter).
Band 118-136MHz
Tunable Bandwidth 5 MHz @ 2.0:1
Nominal Gain dBi Unity
Tuning Field tune to minimum VSWR using supplied chart
Power W 50
Cable and Connector Not included, order separately. See note (2)
Whip Material 17-7 PH tapered stainless steel whip with base coil assembly

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