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Multiband Cellular 824-960MHz/1710-2170MHz


The Quintet™ offers incredible versatility. It can be used in almost any cellular system, will provide superior performance to externally glass mounted antennas and yet can be mounted quickly and easily inside the vehicle with no external components.

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  • ITG5001
ITG5001 Features:

A derivation of the Duet™ and Quadrant™ dual/multi band products, the antenna uses stripline fed slot radiator technology with patch circuits used to introduce multi band performance. Being slightly larger than the multi band Quadrant™, the Quintet™ has been configured to suit not only GSM900 and GSM1800 systems but also covers AMPS, DAMPS and CDMA 800, SMR systems, PCS1900, DCS1800 and UMTS/3G.

The incredible versatility of the ITG5001 is taken one step further with the ITG5000 version which is effectively two antennas in one. This antenna provides global cellular coverage and GPS satellite coverage making it an ideal telematics solution for vehicle manufacturers, or car kit installers, reducing inventory and installation time.

The GPS element is a small ceramic patch antenna with a high performance active amplifier and industry leading noise figure to ensure faster acquisition of multiple satellites. The Quintet™ is equally appropriate for in-vehicle integrated telematics solutions or after market applications calling for both cellular and GPS installations in recreational or industrial vehicles.

Ship the Quintet™ to any market in the world, and the antenna can be installed quickly, easily and yet deliver incredible performance. With a unique mix of vertical and horizontal polarization (as is also shown by the cell sites themselves), the antenna can be mounted at any angle and still deliver optimum performance.

• The ultimate telematics solution - GPS and cellular in one antenna for almost any market worldwide. (ITG5000)
• Perfect solution for private vehicles, fleet management and vehicle OEMs etc.
• Completely internal – simple installation, no external parts.
Band 806 - 960MHz / 1710 - 2170MHz
Tunable Bandwidth Entire specified band @ <2.0:1 VSWR
Nominal Gain dBi 1.1 @ 806 - 960MHz / 4.4 @ 1710 - 1990 / 4.5 @ 1910 - 2170
Tuning Supplied pre-tuned
Power W 10
Cable and Connector Cellular feeder of 5.0m 9014 low loss, fully shielded cable terminated with SMA male and FME nipple (adapters available). GPS feeder of 5.0m RG174 type cable MCX connector fitted
VSWR <2.0:1
Height mm 17
Width mm 90
Length mm 90
Termination SME Female

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