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IoT & M2M Products

IoT & M2M Products

RFI offers fully integrated solutions for IoT and M2M, including Industrial 4G LTE modems, cloud-based 3G and 4G wireless network devices, IoT/M2M antennas and solar battery storage solutions.

RFI delivers IoT solutions to suit Cellular, LTE and SCADA networks. RFI’s solutions include modems, antennas, solar and batteries, designed to suit major global frequency bands and a multitude of applications. 




Industrial 3G/4G/LTE IoT Modem Products


Application Description Datamax Intelimax Multimax Quadmax Universal Hub Dualmax
Monitor vehicle diagnostics and identify location of valuable assets.

Control & monitor traffic signals and cameras

Plant and field monitoring, automation of assembly lines      

Remote monitoring of healthcare assets


3G/4G ATM Communications


POS Systems, advertising, displays and vending

Soil density, water quality, CO2 emissions, Weather conditions, SD-12 protocols      
Remote solar powered solution suitable for any application where power is unavailable.      

Utilise geofencing to activate alarms and isolate functionality


Utilise geofencing to activate alarms and isolate functionality

Identify breaches of security. Activate alarms and video recording and alert authority      


Cloud-Based Solutions

The Complete Maxcloud Solutions Include:

  • Maxwan: Fully managed wireless to wireless IPWAN
  • Maxvpn: Fully managed Virtual Private Network
  • Maxconnect: management portal to monitor, access or control your devices


The Full Solutions

IoT Antennas

Comprehensive range of IoT antennas suited to any band and any application.



Industrial Energy

RFI supplies industrial energy solutions for IoT, including solar and battery storage.


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