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FM Rebroadcast Head End 88-108MHz


This channelised repeater may be used for providing coverage enhancement in poor signal areas for FM Broadcast (88-108 MHz) transmissions.

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  • FMC88108
The FMC88108 can be used to receive FM Broadcast signals off-air, and re-generate and amplify them to fixed RF output levels. The output of the unit can be further amplified via an external RF amplifier for larger in-building or in-tunnel applications.

Two independent RF outputs from the unit are provided for applications requiring this capability - such as for the northbound and southbound bores in a road tunnel. An external audio signal can be applied to the unit to input local programming material for each of these RF outputs. This "audio break-in" feature allows local audio to interrupt the normal rebroadcast offair transmissions. Audio break-in for each RF output can be activated independently, thereby allowing a local audio message to be actioned onto either, or both, of the RF outputs.

Multiple units can be combined and utilised within a design to provide multi-channel and/or multi-zone rebroadcast capability, and RF Power Amplifiers can be supplied to increase RF output levels to suit system requirements.

An RS232 interface is provided for the upgrading of firmware, the programming of configuration parameters and status monitoring.

• Frequency Range 88.0 to 108.0 MHz
• Front Panel LED Display
• Independent RF Outputs
• Independent Audio Break-In
• Local RS232 Configuration
• Alarm Output
• Compact Size
Frequency Range 88.0 - 108.0 MHz (inclusive)
RF Outputs 2 independent outputs
RF Output Level -9 dBm to +6 dBm independently adjustable for each RF output
Audio Input 2 independent inputs - 600 W balanced - nominally 0 dBm with peaks to +8 dBm - input impedance >50 kW
RF Channel Spacing 100 kHz
RF Connectors Rx Input - N-type female RF Outputs - BNC female
Alarms A single alarm output, N.O. or N.C. floating relay contacts Alarms States: Power Supply Fail, Rx Local Oscillator Fail, Rx Signal Level below Mute level
Alarm Connector DB9 (male)
RS232 Port DB9 (female)
Power Supply 240 VAC +/-10% IEC Socket EMC filtered <40 VA
Case Size 1RU 19 inch Rack Mounting
Chassis Earthing 6 mm Earthing Bolt on rear panel
Environment Suitable for Indoor use only
RX Muting Level -99 dBm to -30 dBm
Rx Input Level -90 dBm to -30 dBm
Announce Modulator FM deviation at +8 dBm audio input with +18 dBm of audio gain is ±75 kHz approx.
Announce Switching Control +12 VDC 12 kW source Active when LOW, switching threshold at 7.5 VDC nom.
Audio and Control Connectors RJ45 (two connectors wired in parallel to facilitate daisy-chaining of units)
Audio Gain 24dB adjustment range
Weight 2.1kg

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