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Digital Drift

Digital Drift

The Digital Drift System is a high-speed, fit for purpose, access layer network for challenging industrial environments with linear topology, including:

The Digital Drift System

  • Uses a single coaxial cable to carry both power and data;
  • Provides a simple to install, affordable extension of the data network into challenging environments;
  • Can be installed and repaired by tradespeople on-site, using simple tools in wet, dirty and dusty conditions;
  • Works with all industrial devices that support Ethernet;
  • Delivers the performance of fibre with the simplicity of coax.


RFI's Digital Drift Technology

The Digital Drift is designed and manufactured by RFI out of our purpose-built advanced manufacturing facility.


Documents and Downloads

System Overview
Digital Drift Overview      
Product Data Sheets
Digital Drift Portal Digital Drift Quad Port Digital Drift Repeater Digital Drift Splitter
Digital Drift Branch Digital Drift DC Splice Digital Drift Power Inserter  
Installation Guides
Underground Cable Installation Preparing a new Passive Device Splicing Coaxial Cables Together  
Installing a 48VDC UPS Inserting a Quadport into the Coaxial Cable  
Coaxial Module Firmware Update    
Digital Drift Configuration tool Software tool Installation Guide              Quad Port Embeded Switch Configuration Software

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