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TFOCA 2 CH Fiber Optic Cable Assembly


  • OCC’s version of the original TFOCA connector supports legacy 2 CH tactical deployable fiber optic systems using Biconic termini. This product was first adopted by the US Army and Marine Corp when optical communications were being deployed in a tactical environment. OCC offers both standard (CECOM and A-level drawings) and custom configurations of the TFOCA connector product family. connections.

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  • Mining
  • Access Control Systems
  • Airports
  • Auto and Storage LotsBridges
  • CCTV Video Surveillance
  • Commercial Aerospace
  • Distribution Pipelines
  • Electronic Battlefield Networks
  • Facial Recognition Systems
  • Freight Handling Facilities
  • Government Installations
  • HD Broadcast Systems
  • HDTV Deployable Systems
  • Highways and Traffic
  • IntersectionsIntrusion Alarm Systems
  • Military Aerospace
  • Mission critical combat and communications systems
  • Mobile Emergency Telecommunications Stations
  • Mobile Tactical Shelters
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Oil, Gas, and Geosciences industries
  • Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Prisons
  • Public Transit Corridors
  • Remote Communications Towers
  • Steam Turbine Fiber Optic Sensing
  • Traffic Signaling
  • US Navy shipboard submarine
  • Utility Substations
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Well Completion

  • Connectivity Environment: FIBER OPTIC DEPLOYABLE NETWORK
  • MIL Specification References: DESIGNED IAW MIL-C-M83526/12, MIL-C-M83526/13
  • Shell Size: A
  • Channel Count: 2 CH
  • Description: TFOCA Plug and Receptacle Assemblies

Brand OCC
Fibre Name TFOCA 2 CH Fiber Optic Cable Assembly
Fibre Type Single-Mode & Multi-Mode
Core/Cladding Diameter (um) 50/125µm or 62.5/125µm

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