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XW MPPT Solar Charge Controller 600VDC 80A

XW MPPT-80-600

The Schneider Electric Conext Series XW Power System consists of several devices, components, and optional accessories that, when installed together, create a renewable energy power system that can be customized to suit nearly any application-off-grid, grid-tie, or backup.

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XW-MPPT-80-600 is Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar controller with a 600V photovoltaic input voltage and 80A charge current. 80A battery charge current allows for connection of arrays rated at up to 4.8kW for a 48V battery bank. The solar charge controller can be used with 24V or 48V battery systems.
This unit requires XW SCP System Control Panel for programming.
Brand Schneider
Nominal DC voltage 24V & 48V
Maximum charge current (Amps) 80
Battery Type Flooded, GEL, AGM, Custom
Adjustable Regulation Set-points Yes
Temperature Compensation Yes
Display Via SCP System Control Panel (required for programming & set-up)
Mounting Wall
IP Rating IP20
Ground Type Negative, positive, ungrounded
Size (mm) WxHxD 220mm x 760mm x 220mm
Warranty 5 Years
Weight 13.5
Model Number on CEC List Conext MPPT 80 600

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