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Victron Cyrix-Li-CT Battery Combiner - 120A


The Cyrix Battery Combiner is a microprocessor controlled heavy duty relay that automatically connects batteries in parallel when one of them has reached a pre-set voltage (indicating that the battery is being charged), and disconnects when the voltage decreases below float level (indicating that one or more batteries are being discharged). Cyrix Battery Combiners are an excellent replacement for diode isolators. The main feature is that there is virtually no voltage loss so that the output voltage of alternators or battery chargers does not need to be increased.

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The functionality of the Cyrix-Li-ct is analogous to the Cyrix-ct.
The Cyrix-Li-ct will parallel connect a lead acid starter battery and a LiFePO4 battery:
- if the Charge Disconnect output of the VE.Bus BMS is high, and
- if it senses 13,4V (resp. 26,8V) or more on one of its power terminals.
The Cyrix will disengage immediately:
- when its control output becomes free floating, signalling cell over voltage or cell over temperature, and/or
- when battery voltage drops below 13,2V.
Start assist function: a short positive pulse will close the relay during 30 seconds (see figure on page 2).
A built-in transient voltage suppressor will limit the voltage spike that may occur when the Cyrix suddenly
Input Voltage Range V 12V or 24V
Max. Continuous Load Current 120A
Dimensions (H x W x L) 46 x 46 x 80mm
Weight (kg) 0.11

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