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SunGel 2SG595 2V 595Ah (C120) Gel Battery


Sungel Batteries from Battery Energy use a revolutionary SuperGel long life plate technology designed specifically for solar applications.

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2SG595 Features:

SunGEL batteries from Battery Energy using revolutionary SuperGEL long life plate technology has been designed specifically for solar applications. Solar batteries are traditionally hard working batteries and are usually cycled on a daily basis as part of a primary power source of electricity where no grid power is available.
Brand Battery Energy
Type Gel
Voltage 2
Rated Temperature 25°C
Capacity @ C120 (Ah) 595
Number Cycles @ 10% DOD 5000
Number Cycles @ 50% DOD 2500
Number Cycles @ 80% DOD 1500
Weight 29.5
Dimension (mm) LxWxD 206 x 124 x 472
Warranty 5 years full replacement plus 5 years pro rata

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