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Energy & Power

Energy & Power

RFI’s range of mains power, DC to DC products & Panasonic sealed lead acid batteries are ideals for use in remote base stations, vehicle installations and desktop radios installations.

Using proven design topologies, the RFI range of mains power supplies have been developed to give you not only peace of mind but also years of reliability. The DC-DC range of voltage reducers range from traditional linear design to switch mode small footprint devices so that not job is too big or too small. In conjunction to these, RFI can supply a range of Battery Guards with protect your batteries on sites, vehicles and offices, from over discharge. Panasonic sealed lead acid batteries are the ideal partner for your communications site, desktop radio installation or small traction power source. With batteries in 6 or 12 volt configuration, capacities from 1.3Ah up to 200Ah, Panasonic batteries are able to offer reliable performance either in Standby, Cyclic or UPS applications.
  • Reliable performance for Australian conditions
  • Perfect marriage of power supply/charger to batteries
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