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SX Series

SX Series

Patented SX radio frequency DC blocked filter protectors are ideal for RF coaxial applications where DC is not required. The SX can be used on high-powered RF feeder lines in the range of 350 to 2,300 MHz, as well as low-powered microwave sites at 2 to 10 GHz. The SX is available in a multitude of connector configurations each exhibiting low return loss, insertion loss and let through voltage.


Humidity 100% condensing

Operating/Storage Temperature  -40°C to +85°C

Vibration  1 G @ 5 Hz to 100 Hz


  • High surge current capability
  • Low let-through voltage and throughput energy
  • DC shorted filter design, no DC continuity between center pins
  • Ideal use for applications where DC is not required on the coaxial cable
  • Fully weatherized housing
  • Elongated female connector allows for mounting through a 1/4” bulkhead or grounding bar
  • Multi-strike capability

Standards and Certificates

  • IEC 60529 IP65
  • Bellcore # TA-NWT-00487
  • Procedure 4.11, wind driven
  • UL 497B
  • RoHS compliant

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