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R/A UHF Bulkhead Mount - RG58 Type Cable


One of the first coaxial connectors developed the UHF connector will operate between DC to 600 MHz. A low cost threaded connector, the UHF series is popular in CB and lower frequency mobile radio applications. Available in twist on, crimp and solder clamp versions.

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  • MBC-WD
MBC-WD Features:

Bulkhead Nickel Plated water resistant
UHF connectors are non-constant impedance connectors suited for use at frequencies not exceeding 300 MHz. However, to ensure maximum performance at higher frequencies all UHF Series male connectors feature a high strength PTFE dielectric with the exception of the “CB style” connectors UHF-104, UHF-204 and UHF-27.

- Requires a 16mm hole for installation.
Cable Type RG58/RG174
Center Conductor Crimp/solder
Mounting Size and Direction 16mm (rear)

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