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6 Element Yagi 100-250MHz Custom Tuned


The YL and YH Series yagi antennas are ideal in applications requiring directional gain. These yagis, with predictable beamwidths and consistently high front to back ratios are ideal for long or short haul links and other applications demanding specific radiation pattern control.

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  • YH06
The YH06 boom and the elements are constructed from thick walled alodined aluminium tubing. The passive elements are of one piece construction and clamped to the boom with a unique wrap around single bolt bracket. The radiating element is through mounted onto the boom. All fittings and fasteners are made from marine grade stainless steel and self locking nuts are used throughout the assembly to prevent loosening due to vibration.

All yagi antennas are directly DC grounded to provide lightning protection and reduced precipitation static noise. Termination is via an N-type female coaxial connector fitted to a short RG213 cable tail.

YL and YH yagis are supplied unassembled for ease of handling and are quickly assembled using only basic tools. Colour coding of elements and the boom section further simplify the assembly and installation.

• High performance - ideal in long or short haul applications
• Controlled Beamwidths - predictable beamwidths and consistently high front to back ratios
• Simplified Installation - colour coding and unique single bolt clamps simplify installation

Nominal Gain dBd 9
Frequency MHz 100 to 250MHz Custom Tuned
Tunable Bandwidth 8MHz
VSWR <1.5:1
Vertical Beamwidth 52°
Horizontal Beamwidth 50°
Front/Back Ratio dB Typically 15
Power W 250
Construction Thick walled aluminium boom and elements with alodined finish
Length mm 3500
Weight (kg) 5.0
Termination N female with RG213 cable tail
Mounting Area 400mm x 40mm diam. aluminium

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