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Low PIM Low Profile MIMO Indoor/Outdoor Omni Ceiling Antenna - 698-960MHz&1710-2700Mhz, 4.3-10


The DAS6927LP-MOC153 is an indoor and outdoor, PIM rated, MIMO omni-directional ceiling mount antenna, covering LTE Cellular bands, 689-960 MHz & 1710-2700 MHz. This multi-band design eliminates the need to purchase different antennas for each frequency and is ideal for all fixed in-building coverage applications. The MIMO (multiple in multiple out) design enhances data throughput even under conditions of interference, signal fading, and multi-path.


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RFI's Low PIM DAS range is a high performance, PIM rated DAS antenna range, offering indoor or outdoor panel antennas with great directional beam control, and a range of indoor and outdoor Omni directional solutions to suit indoor, outdoor requirements, with the optional low profile aesthetic. The multi-band capability of each offering covers at least 690-960MHz & 1710-2700MHz and eliminates the need to purchase different antennas to suit different bands of operation. This range is ideal for all fixed in-building coverage applications

Features Include:
• Low Profile compact form factor
• Coverage across multiple cellular and WLAN bands
• Ideal for DAS deployment for in-building coverage solutions
• Excellent -153dBc PIM performance
• Single stud mount with 2 x 300mm tails terminated with 4.3-10 female connectors
• IP rated outdoor solutions

Nominal Gain dBi 4.0 / 4.3 / 5.9 / 5.9
Frequency MHz 698-800 / 800-960 / 1710-2200 / 2200-2700
VSWR <1.8:1 / <1.6:1 / <1.5:1 / <1.6:1
Nominal Impedance Ω 50
Vertical Beamwidth 100-200 / 100-215 / 30-200 / 45-80
Horizontal Beamwidth 360
Power W 50
Passive IM 3rd Order (2x20W) dBc -153
Construction UV resistant White ABS, IP67 rated*
Height mm 47
Radome Diameter mm 218
Weight (kg) 0.7
Termination 2 x 300mm tail with 4.3-10 (F) connectors

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