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Antenna Pattern File Library

Antenna Pattern File Library

Below are ZIP files containing large collections of pattern files for RFI Base station antennas. Each pattern file type is compatible with various coverage simulation software packages available today.

Click on the links below to download the corresponding ZIP file of your choice

  •  For TIA/EIA-804-B standard files download our ADF library, compatible with many popular propagation simulation software packages available today.

ADF Pattern File Library.zip

  • For Pathloss v4 try our VAF file library, and the ASD file library for Pathloss v5

VAF Pattern File Library.zip

ASD Pattern File Library.zip

  • For MSI Planet propagation software download the PLN file library

PLN Pattern File Library.zip

  • For EDX download the PAT file library

PAT Pattern File Library.zip

  • For an NSMA WG16.99.050 download the DAT file library 

DAT Pattern File Library.zip

  • The ANA file library has been provided for proprietary software

ANA Pattern File Library.zip

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