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Combination Array Offset Lower Section 400-520MHz


The RFI range of UHF dipole arrays provide expanded bandwidth, high power ratings and unequalled performance in gain, pattern and intermodulation performance. Ever increasing costs and site density requirements are reducing availability of antenna positions on prime sites. In order to reduce the overall number of antennas the RFI dipole array series provides system engineers and site owners with a flexible solution to reduce antenna numbers.

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  • OA40-67L
OA40-67L Features:

The Dual Section Combination Dipole Array - These arrays are provided in two sections for ease of shipping and handling and can be assembled on site.

The lower section array is made on a larger diameter mast stock, the upper array telescoping into the lower section. Both upper and lower arrays can be any one of our standard UHF arrays or be externally coupled for even higher gain using a PH42-67 phasing harness. This type of configuration provides unrestricted gain, pattern and beamtilt combinations.

Some more common configuration examples are shown in the following table. The electrical specifications are very similar to those provided for the individual arrays previously listed within the catalogue.

Frequency MHz 400 to 520MHz

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