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UHF Collinear Antenna 380-530MHz Custom Tuned - 6dBd


The COL8 is our most popular and widely used UHF base station antenna. The COL8 is a series fed collinear which is custom tuned to user specified frequencies. By design, each antenna is constructed to exhibit a beam tilt of -2° at the highest of the operating frequencies specified.

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COL8 Features

A range of high gain omnidirectional collinear antennas, the COL8 and COL12 are electrically identical and differ only in their physical construction. An operating bandwidth of 10 MHz is provided within VSWR limits of less than 1.5:1, making them suitable for single and multi frequency applications. The antennas include internal DC grounding for lightning protection and the reduction of static noise.

This negative beam tilt gradually increases with lower frequencies within the defined operational bandwidth. The result is an antenna which provides excellent null fill coverage and optimised range for antenna sites where average height above ground level is not greater than 2000m.

• 6dBd gain omnidirectional pattern
• Range of models to cater for varying environments
• The radiating elements are constructed of alodined aluminium with all internal metal junctions welded to prevent the generation of intermodulation products and spurious emissions

Nominal Gain dBd 6
Frequency MHz 380 to 530MHz Custom Tuned
Tuned Bandwidth 10MHz
VSWR <1.5:1
Polarisation Vertical
Vertical Beamwidth 14°
Horizontal Beamwidth Omni +/- 0.5dB
Power W 200
Construction Alodined aluminium elements with white fibreglass radome
Length mm 3100
Weight (kg) 1.5
Termination N female bulkhead
Mounting Area 300mm x 38mm diam. alodined aluminium

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