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700/800MHz Corporate Collinear 746-870MHz - 250W


These industry leading low PIM collinear arrays allow site operators to combine, with complete integrity,
a large number of communications services into a single, low profile collinear antenna array.

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CC806-66 Features:

The true corporate feed of these arrays maintains total pattern integrity over a very broad operating bandwidth, similar
to that previously available only in exposed dipole configurations. This is now achieved in the preferred form factor
of a fully enclosed fiberglass radome.

Like exposed arrays, the corporate collinear is a series of internally harnessed dipole sections but the corporate
phasing does more than simply allow the antenna to be stable across the band. Precise control of the placement
of the elements ensures phase purity. With every element placed physically and electrically at a theoretically perfect
point, gain is maximized and side lobes reduced dramatically.

In a patent pending design approach the individual dipole elements are fabricated entirely of a flexible circuit board.
Each dipole element, complete with it's impedance matching network, is integrated onto a single PCB ensuring
precise circuit and dimensional control, the lowest possible radiation resistance and negligible weight. The dipole
elements are soldered to a brass support pipe which contains the inter-element harnesses and is directly connected
to the mounting tube and the lightning spike at the top of the antenna.

The result of this unique, incredibly strong design is:

• Extraordinary bandwidth characteristics with superior pattern control over an extended band coverage
• Strong vertical pattern beamwidth, with minor lobes >10dB down on primary lobe at all frequencies
• Light weight dipole construction with low center of gravity reducing tip deflection and sway
• Industry leading PIM specifications maintained over the service life of the antenna
• Attractive, low profile appearance antennas which are an immediate substitute for sites where wind loading or aesthetics make exposed dipole arrays less attractive
• Supremely strong radome and mounting tube construction to ensure low tower loadings even with radial ice
• DIN connectors standard with N type offered
• Sealed PTFE insulated cables in harnessing ensure high power capability
Nominal Gain dBd 2 x 5
Frequency MHz 746 to 870MHz
Peak Instantaneous Power kW 25
Tunable Bandwidth Full. No tuning required
VSWR <1.5:1
Polarisation Vertical
Vertical Beamwidth 17°
Horizontal Beamwidth Omni +/- 0.5dB
Power W 250
Passive IM 3rd Order (2x20W) dBc <-150
Construction Composite sky blue fibreglass radome with aluminum mounting tube
Length mm 2900
Radome Diameter mm 77
Weight (kg) 11
Termination 2 x7/16" DIN female on 500mm tail
Mounting Area 500mm x 90mm diam. Aluminum

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