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RFI has been servicing the needs of the wireless communications market for over 30 years. A cornerstone of this has been the design and manufacture of high-quality mobile and base station antennas for the mission critical public safety and emergency services agencies across the globe. The design ethos is built into our range of UHF CB antennas.

Fitting any other to your vehicle is a compromise in quality, performance and ultimately safety. While we strive to bring you competitive pricing, its our quality and performance which sets us apart from the competition.

You are buying the best when buying RFI Antennas, “Your Critical Link” in any communications system.

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Why Choose RFI?

RFI uses advanced manufacturing techniques, including our patented Meander® radiating elements inside our antenna. Our world-leading antenna development and testing regimes ensure we have created antennas perfectly suited to the rugged requirements of off-road 4WD’ing.
RFI’s antennas are used by Emergency Services networks around Australia and the globe, which means you are fitting the best quality antennas on your vehicle. Fitting another other antenna is a compromise in quality, performance and ultimately, safety.
RFI have a range of antenna options depending on the customer’s requirements. This includes high gain options - we publish true gain figures which we have tested in the field for over 30 years! Our antennas are critically assessed against stringent performance criteria for technical capability & reliability.
Meander® Flex PCB                                                                         Quick Fit Removable                                                                      
The secret to our strong performance lies in the patented Meander® radiating elements. These Meander® flexible PCB’s exhibit extraordinary consistency in gain, coverage pattern and bandwidth.   Q-Fit® is a removable whip system designed for ease of removal for switching antennas to suit use or in low height environments such as carparks, car washes or city use.


RFI's City/Country Pack Includes: 

RFI’s City / Country packs include two whips; one shorter low gain and one longer high gain whip. Low gain whip are ideal for around the city and in hilly terrain, while higher gain whips are idea for general 4WDing and touring (see Antenna Selection).


Why Is The Antenna Important?

The Antenna is a device for transmitting and/or receiving signals - the eyes and ears of your communication system. A good antenna is designed to be “in-tune” to the signal you are seeking - your phone or radio “sees” the signal and you hear a clear conversation. Use a poor antenna and you simply cannot communicate effectively.



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RFI has a network of dealers throughout Australia who will be able to supply and install our range to you! Leave your details below and we will ensure they get in contact with you.






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