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Control Station Combiner 130-150MHz 4 Channel


These multi-channel combiners provide frequency-agile operation across their entire frequency range. Control Station Combiners may be used to reduce the number of antennas required on a communications site whilst also ensure that predictable radio-to-radio isolation is maintained at all times - irrespective of individual radio’s Tx or Rx operating mode or antenna isolation characteristics.

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CS Series Control Station Combiner

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  • CS Series Control Station Combiner
The CS1315-0405-SN Single antenna-port mobiles may be connected to these combiners to provide operation on two-antenna configurations (one Tx and one Rx), or through a duplexer to a single antenna (i.e. Tx/Rx). These capabilities can significantly reduce tower clutter and loading, and simplify cabling installation at Control Centre facilities.

Models are available in the 380-450 MHz, 400-470 MHz and 450- 520 MHz bands in standard configurations for 4, 8, 12, 16, and 32 capacities. Other frequency bands and higher channel capacities are also available upon request.

• Low Profile for Space Efficient Installation
• Frequency Agile with Predictable Isolation
• Analogue and Digital Compatible
Frequency MHz 130 to 150 MHz
Insertion Loss (dB) 7.5dB (typ.)
RF Power W Tx: Per Channel: 50 (continuous) Per Channel: <150 (intermittent) Rx: -
Return Loss dB Tx: >15 (typ) Rx: >15 (typ)
Min. frequency separation Tx: No limitations Rx: -
Isolation Tx to Tx: 60min, 70 typ; Ant - Tx: 60min, 70 typ Rx to Rx: 60min, 70 typ
Connector N female
Dimensions mm/inches H=1RU W=483 D=130-150, 150-175 MHz = 560, 380-450, 400-470, 450-520 MHz = 420 / H=1RU W=19 D= 130-150, 150-175 MHz = 16.5 22, 380-450, 400-470, 450-520 MHz =
Weight kg lbs Varies by model
Finish Black

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