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Lightning Management

Lightning Management

RFI distribute the Polyphaser® and Transtector® range of in-line and surge protection systems for mains, landline, coaxial, data and various other systems. Polyphaser is the benchmark in Wireless surge protection and the world leader in lightning and surge protection.

Combining in-line surge protection devices, RFI has a product range that can complete your installation with an extensive range of coaxial cable grounding and site ground solutions – your one stop shop for site grounding.

Mains and data line protection from simple DC to complex AC systems is on offer from the Transtector® range of products. EMP and EMI filters, power conditioners, UPS and power distribution units are all part of the complete solution that RFI can offer.
Transtector itself has been implementing class leading technologies for 40 years and lead the way in Silicon Avalanche Diode (SASD) technology. This coupled with MOV devices, offer complete protection and are an essential component to overall site surge management.

Keeping pace with new technologies, Polyphaser and Transtector have a range of devices such as DC Pass, DC Block, Bias-T and board level protection devices. Polyphaser and Transtector utilize the most up to date research and development laboratories to ensure the products you use are more than capable of meeting the needs of their application.
  • Proven protection history
  • World class research and development programs
  • RF range includes Low PIM, High PIP, DC Block, DC Pass, Bias-T products
  • Data protectors for PoE, Gigabit Ethernet, Gigabit PoE, Ethernet, RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, CCTV, DeviceNet and other low voltage signals.
  • AC/DC systems utilise industry leading clamping times via SADS and MOV’s
  • Complete range of cables accessory grounding – for any cable
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