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Integration Services

Integration Services

As a radio network equipment supplier, integrator or installer, your customer’s networks are rapidly moving into the IP world and the skills and capabilities of your technical people are inevitably moving in this direction. This evolution is leaving a severe shortage of RF skills in the marketplace, leaving a void that RFI is well placed to fulfil.

With our experienced team of over 30 RF engineers engaged in R&D, systems and field engineering, RFI is uniquely placed to support your organisation’s RF design, installation, commissioning and support activities.

Having been a specialist in the wireless field for over 30 years, RFI has also developed some unique capabilities and service offerings in the areas of specialised coverage solutions, site interference analysis and remediation.

Our Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems group has delivered over 500 systems to carriers and building contractors in shopping centres, multi-story office buildings and hospitals, while our Systems Group has designed and built a number of tunnel Radio Rebroadcast Systems and DAS for hospitals and shopping centres.

RFI are able to offer these services to assist in ensuring your customer’s networks achieve the required coverage and performance characteristics.

In addition, RFI has supported our large OEM and Integrator customers with site interference and remediation assistance throughout the world. If you are experiencing difficulties in eliminating interference in your or your customer’s sites, RFI’s world class expertise in this area is only a phone call away.

As a manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of antennas and other wireless components, RFI has the facilities, fabrication and test equipment to also offer equipment racking and staging for network builds should you have the requirement.

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